Excellent stay

Very nice campsite, beautifully planted, impeccable maintenance
Superb pool, slides that pleased my children
Bungalow Top, with double terrace and comfortable top chairs
The restaurant is perfectly ok and reasonable for the rates
All the staff very pleasant
The lively evenings very nice
There are a lot of huge organized activities day too.
The beaches of Lalonde are beautiful and very easily accessible by car (not seen traffic jams, no pb to park, beaches not overpopulated …. After August 15 at least …)
The mini (micro …) flat: the grocery store is not very supplied (but supermarket 3min by car); At the end of August the clubs (teens for us) were still active but there were almost no participants (but the camp can not do much ….) So not easy to organize activities (but the host still found some what to have fun)
Stay to renew ….. in a few months since I just booked for next summer …