Campsite Provence Fitted Furnished Tents Fun Comfort Relaxation
The fun of a tent and comfort of a mobile home
Coco Sweet®, our fitted, furnished tents in the sunshine of Provence
Seaside Tented Bungalow Budget Novel Comfortable
A novel, budget-friendly furnished tented bungalow at our campsite next to the beaches
All the charm of a pre-pitched tent, fitted with your comfort in mind!
Budget nature campsite on the Côte d'Azur
A pre-pitched, fitted tent with private sanitary facilities...
For the promise of a relaxing holiday at our 4-star campsite
Bungalow with sanitary facilities at campsite with water park Var
Easy, affordable camping
in our Coco Sweet ® pre-pitched tents!
Var Campsite Tented bungalow Nature holiday
Fancy a nature camping holiday near the beaches of Hyères?
Welcome to your pre-pitched tent complete with plancha grill ready for a barbecue… Happy summer holiday!
Low-cost nature camping holiday in the Var
Camping in the heart of nature…
The best way to appreciate Provence's inimitable lifestyle
Pre-pitched, fitted camping tent front view
Pre-pitched, fitted tent with terrace
for an easy and affordable camping holiday in the Var
Pre-pitched, fitted tent at a seaside campsite
A pre-pitched, fitted tent
For easy, affordable camping in the Var!
Var Family Campsite with fitted tent
Camping with kids in the Var?
Our fully-fitted tents promise plenty of forever memories to take back home!
Var Coastal Campsite Holiday Rental Budget Sunshine Nature
The joys of camping with all the comfort of a bungalow on the Var coast
Coco Sweet® - a nature camping holiday by the sea
Private sanitary facilities at our four-star campsite
A camping holiday with private sanitary facilities
for the promise of ultimate peace and quiet
2 rooms



Coco Sweet® fitted, furnished tent with private sanitary facilities for 4 guests

Fitted, furnished, pre-pitched tent rental with private sanitary facilities in La Londe

Revel in the joys of camping without the fuss and stress of mounting a tent. Our CocoSweet® tents are pre-pitched, fitted, furnished and ready to go. Enjoy the holiday of a lifetime at our campsite between Hyères and La Londe. And if you’d love to find your tent ready and waiting for you, simply book a #CocoSweet® tent at our four-star nature campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette® and get back in touch with nature without saying goodbye to comfort!

What’s more, we’ve now added a unique new touch you simply won’t be able to go without: private sanitary facilities just for you!

No more tents to put up and take down, mattresses to inflate and a car and trailer fit to burst..!

Novel and fun, our CocoSweet® tented bungalows promise a magical camping adventure in a pre-pitched tent with all the comfort of a mobile home (insulated, locked and with private sanitary facilities).

  • A master bedroom with double bed,
  • A second bedroom / living area,
  • A central living area with:
  • table,
  • chairs,
  • fridge,
  • kettle,
  • microwave,
  • electric coffee maker,
  • cooktop,
  • cutlery,
  • etc.

Private sanitary facilities including a bathroom with shower unit, washbasin with mirror, toilet, outdoor stainless-steel sink, draining board and 100-litre water tank.

Your garden with gas plancha offers the perfect setting for barbecues scented with Herbes de Provence…
Sunshine or shade? The choice is all yours! Relax on a sun lounger between two trips to the beaches in Hyères or the campsite water park.

  • Terrace with gas plancha,
  • Sun loungers,
  • Table with benches and awning

Enjoy a camping holiday in the Var, French Riviera-Côte d’Azur in a pre-pitched, fitted tented bungalow

Make the most of your holiday in Provence with our endless choice of tours, excursions, activities, entertainment and evening events.

Coco Sweet at Camping de La Pascalinette: a wonderfully friendly camping experience on the French Riviera-Côte d’Azur! Tucked away among the pine trees, enjoy welcome shade and the sound of chirping cicadas from the comfort of your sun lounger!

Coco Sweet Type: Irm Coco Sweet
Furnished tent size: 16 m²
Vintage: 2016 – 2023

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