Campsite social and environmental commitment

The campsite social and environmental commitment

The campsite environment

Culture at the Campsite: our Botanical Tour!

Botanical Tour

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Cultural at the Campsite: our Botanical Tour! Our brand new Botanical Tour will be on offer this year from the start of the season! Now you can visit the world from the comfort of your campsite in the South of France, Provence-Mediterranean! Here are a few details… Out of all of the Var region’s campsites, […]

The campsite is a holder of the Clef Verte Label

Label Clé Verte EN

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Camping de la Pascalinette® was awarded the “Clef Verte” label in 2012! A source of pride and satisfaction for us, this label asserts our commitment to sustainable development and welcoming our guests in ever-better conditions. Our exceptional vegetation isn’t the only thing that makes us stand out from the other campsites in the Var area, […]

 Campsite fauna

Campsite fauna

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Camping de La Pascalinette® welcomes (and sometimes adopts!) a variety of bird and animal species. The Mediterranean boasts a very characteristic climate and is home to many different ecosystems! The campsite has been spared from forest fires and is a place where animals are protected. Of course, our fences prevent pests from bothering you, but […]

We share the same values

An exceptional partner to our campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette®!

Domaine du Rayol: an exceptional EcoVert partner

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We love teaming up with people and organisations that uphold the same values as our campsite. Domaine du Rayol is a fabulous partner to our projects focusing on flora from the Var and elsewhere...

Wellness partner at the campsite!

Wellness partner at the campsite!

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Your favourite campsite picks only the very best partners for you! Round off your relaxing holiday at Les Jardins de La Pascalinette® with a delicious moment at Massage’s in Bormes-les-Mimosas. Located just a few minutes from the campsite, this salon specializes in Ayurvedic massages, foot reflexology, Bach flowers, reiki and hypotoxic diet advice courtesy of […]

The campsite’s social commitment: we support these associations

Cork collection campaign for France Cancer

Cork collection campaign for France Cancer

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Camping de La Pascalinette® is strongly and increasingly committed to environmental conservation and supporting associations that share our values. A proud holder of the Clef Verte ecology label since 2012 and Tourism & Handicap label since December 2013, we have decided to take part in a fabulous challenge initiated by the association France Cancer. Our […]

The campsite has partnered up with Handibou

Our partnership with Handibou: solidarity and caring

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Since we were awarded the “Tourism & Handicap” label in December 2013, Camping de La Pascalinette® has come a long way in ensuring families affected by a disability enjoy a fabulous holiday. Since 2016, we have been financially backing the association “Un Fauteuil à la Mer” and their extraordinary work in helping handicapped visitors make […]

Camping de La Pascalinette® is deeply committed to environmental protection and sustainable development.

In 2018, your favourite campsite in the Var area, South of France, Provence-Mediterranean, was once again awarded the Clé Verte label (obtained and renewed since 2013). This international environmental label relates to tourist accommodation and guarantees eco-friendly practises and equivalent rates, in respect of local resources and inhabitants.

The campsite has launched a variety of projects to protect our beautiful Provencal scenery.

1) Reduce campsite water consumption

  • We have installed low-flush toilets (less than 6 litres) in all the campsite’s mobile-homes and sanitary facilities. We have also reduced tap water consumption by installing Presto taps and actively supervising leaks, etc.
  • We water our vegetation at the coolest times of days and make mulch to preserve the water needed by our plants. This also allows us to regenerate the soil (and hence life) faster and nourish the campsite’s already-rich microfauna.

2) Reduce campsite electricity consumptiong

Several alleys are fitted with solar lighting and we have installed low-consumption bulbs in all our accommodation and premises.

3) Use of eco-certified cleaning productss

For many years, the campsite has chosen to use only eco-certified and natural products to clean the campsite’s sanitary facilities, mobile homes and other premises.

4) Campsite water recycling

  • Recycling bins are located at the campsite exit. We use them for all recyclable waste products and invite you to join us.
  • We reuse printed paper for taking notes.
  • You will find a used battery container at the campsite Reception. The batteries are then taken to recycling centres in Hyères or Londe-les-Maures.
  • Mattress covers used in mobile homes are collected and sent back to our supplier for recycling.

5) Favour local producers and service providers from the Var and Provence

  • As far as possible, the campsite restaurant purchases from local producers to favour short circuits, avoid cargo and air transport and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We also partner with local businesses, in particular for bicycle hire, so you can get around easily while respecting the environment.
  • Every Monday and Friday in July and August we hold a market at the campsite, with local producers and craftspeople.
  • Camping de La Pascalinette® strives to work with local businesses for all its needs (electrician, plumber, air-conditioning, etc.).

6) Maintain and renew the campsite’s plants and trees

All plants and trees at Camping de La Pascalinette® benefit from a soil enriched with natural fertilizer (sheep manure and compost). Every winter, we dedicate a large amount of time to renewing Camping de La Pascalinette®’s exceptional vegetation.
In the last 10 years, we have planted over 19,000 flowers, plants, shrubs and trees (hedges, water park, tree renewal, etc.) for the greatest pleasure of our eyes and to favour oxygen production!

Aleppo pines are a fabulous source of oxygen on the French Riviera – their needles are among the South of France’s most efficient filters! They are the most commonly-found species at the campsite and a favourite hiding place for our cicadas. You will see lots of them along our beautiful botanical footpath.

7) Protect fauna

Our exceptional vegetation means the campsite is also home to many animals – and we take good care of them! Foxes, hares, birds and hedgehogs are protected from hunters thanks to the fences around the campsite. We also put out fat for the birds in winter and are in contact with BirdLife and veterinary services in case we come across any injured birds.

8) Offer improved holidays for disabled guests

Depuis 2012, le camping est labellisé Tourisme&Handicap moteur et mental, et toute l’équipe est réellement engagée envers les personnes en situation de handicap.
Le camping est partenaire et soutien financier de l’association « Un fauteuil à la mer », qui permet aux personnes en situation de handicap, et notamment en fauteuil, de pouvoir pratiquer des activités aquatiques en Méditerranée (bateau, jet-ski…).

The campsite was awarded the Tourism&Handicap label for both physically and mentally-challenged guests in 2012 and out team is deeply committed to offering disabled guests a faultless service.
Our campsite also partners with and financially supports the association Un Fauteuil à la Mer, which allows disabled visitors, in particular in wheelchairs, to enjoy Mediterranean water sports (boating, jet ski, etc.).