Culture at the Campsite: our Botanical Tour!

Culture at the Campsite: our Botanical Tour!

Botanical Tour

Cultural at the Campsite: our Botanical Tour!

Our brand new Botanical Tour will be on offer this year from the start of the season!
Now you can visit the world from the comfort of your campsite in the South of France, Provence-Mediterranean!
Here are a few details…
Out of all of the Var region’s campsites, what makes Camping de La Pascalinette so exceptional?
Its vegetation! A campsite with this much shade is extremely rare!
Many of our trees and plants are far older than the Campsite’s 50 years. Some date back over 120 years…
All of the vegetation planted in the Sixties has grown- a lot – madly in fact!
We are lucky enough to be home to many different tree species, including 10 varieties of mimosa, 3 varieties of cypress, 3 varieties of oak, 5 varieties of eucalyptus, 5 varieties of pine, etc.
Thanks to our plants and trees, you can now travel the world while enjoying a peaceful holiday in the South of France, Provence-Mediterranean, at “Camping de La Pascalinette”!

A huge variety of trees and plants…
Here’s an insight into the origins of our vegetation: La Londe-les-Maures, Var, Provence, Canary Islands, South Africa, North America, Arizona, Mexico, Guatemala, Chilli, China, Asia, Australia and New Zealand!
NB: our trees are so tall that we use a crane to install our mobile homes so as not to harm them!
Learn something new while having fun camping in the South of France, Provence-Mediterranean, with our dynamic presentation focusing on ethnobotany!

Come on a tour with us to:

  • Discover the exceptional plant life of our Campsite in the South of France, Provence-Mediterranean,
  • Learn to differentiate various varieties, for example the 3 types of oak (evergreen, cork and white),
  • Learn how the trees and plants are used by man in their countries of origin,
  • Pick up some interesting facts: Cade grows very slowly – about 5 cm a year -, while mimosa grows 2 metres a year!

Camping de La Pascalinette’s Botanical Tour in La Londe-les-Maures is entirely free of charge!

It is perfect for children, teenagers and adults alike!
Check out our Notice Board at reception!

The tour lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour.