The campsite has partnered up with Handibou

Since we were awarded the “Tourism & Handicap” label in December 2013, Camping de La Pascalinette® has come a long way in ensuring families affected by a disability enjoy a fabulous holiday.

Since 2016, we have been financially backing the association “Un Fauteuil à la Mer” and their extraordinary work in helping handicapped visitors make the most of the sea and beach.

We wanted to share another fave Var-based association with you today: Handibou.

You can help us help this amazing association with a few simple gestures.
Handibou works to offer HANDISPORT wheelchairs to handicapped people living in the Var area.

Sport is of course vital to health and a great way of getting out and about and meeting people, but it also helps people push back their limits, whether or not they suffer from a disability.

Autonomy is a massive stumbling block for handicapped people and the cost of the equipment they need is prohibitive: a “simple” wheelchair costs around 3,000 euros and is simply not affordable for most families.

How can you and your family contribute to this worthy cause?
All you have to do is keep your plastic bottle tops (milk, soft drinks, fruit juice, etc.).
The Handibou association then collects them and sells them to a recycling plant.

So please keep your plastic bottle tops and bring them to Reception, where you will find a special container for them (next to the container used to collect corks for “France Cancer”).

+33(0)9 83 73 99 74

Examples of chairs already purchased by Handibou:

Handbike chair
Athletics chair
Basketball chair