Campsite fauna

Camping de La Pascalinette® welcomes (and sometimes adopts!) a variety of bird and animal species. The Mediterranean boasts a very characteristic climate and is home to many different ecosystems!

The campsite has been spared from forest fires and is a place where animals are protected. Of course, our fences prevent pests from bothering you, but they let smaller and endangered animals through. We have already adopted many hedgehogs and abandoned little rabbits… We are also a member of French BirdLife (Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux).

Here’s a little overview of the adorable animals you can find around La Londe



And of course birds: approximately 70 species have been recorded around La Londe:

There are many more species too. If you’re a budding ornithologist, you can enjoy some fabulous birding on Port-Cros island (parc national park, signposted footpaths), Porquerolles island, Giens peninsula and in La Vallée des Borrels…

And among the campsite’s feathery friends, you’ll also find these nocturnal species:

And even if they aren’t our favourites, it’s important to mention them to underline just how varied our fauna is (otherwise what would the birds eat?). Here are the Var area’s insects in decreasing order of preference!