Campsite fauna

Campsite fauna

Camping de La Pascalinette® welcomes (and sometimes adopts!) a variety of bird and animal species. The Mediterranean boasts a very characteristic climate and is home to many different ecosystems!

The campsite has been spared from forest fires and is a place where animals are protected. Of course, our fences prevent pests from bothering you, but they let smaller and endangered animals through. We have already adopted many hedgehogs and abandoned little rabbits… We are also a member of French BirdLife (Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux).

Here’s a little overview of the adorable animals you can find around La Londe


  • wild boar, very common in the Mediterranean,
  • fox,
  • badger,
  • stone marten, weasel and polecat,
  • squirrel,
  • hedgehog,
  • field mouse and shrew,
  • mouse and rat,
  • hare,
  • mole,
  • bat (Chiroptera)…


  • especially lizards, very common in the South of France,
  • Montpellier snake (rarer),
  • green and yellow grass snake,
  • viperine grass snake,
  • green and sand lizard,
  • Maures tortoise (more commonly-known as the Hermann tortoise),
  • turtle,
  • frog (you’ll find them wherever there is water!),
  • common toad…

And of course birds: approximately 70 species have been recorded around La Londe:

  • jay (in summer),
  • pigeon,
  • sparrow,
  • magpie,
  • chaffinch, with its distinctive song,
  • starling,
  • dove,
  • blackbird,
  • waders and especially pink flamingos that return every year to the marshes… egrets, squacco herons and sometimes storks inland,
  • robin,
  • woodcock,
  • swallow,
  • cuckoo in spring,
  • nightingale,
  • nuthatch,
  • warbler,
  • green woodpecker,
  • crow,
  • pheasant,
  • goldfinch,
  • wren,
  • kingfisher,
  • blue tit,
  • canary,
  • tern,
  • and of course seagulls, without which the Riviera just wouldn’t be the same!

There are many more species too. If you’re a budding ornithologist, you can enjoy some fabulous birding on Port-Cros island (parc national park, signposted footpaths), Porquerolles island, Giens peninsula and in La Vallée des Borrels…

And among the campsite’s feathery friends, you’ll also find these nocturnal species:

  • tawny owl,
  • barn own,
  • little owl,
  • scops owl…

And even if they aren’t our favourites, it’s important to mention them to underline just how varied our fauna is (otherwise what would the birds eat?). Here are the Var area’s insects in decreasing order of preference!

  • centipede (no thanks!),
  • spider (although they aren’t really insects… We would write a whole encyclopaedia about them!),
  • black scorpion (never seen at the campsite!),
  • wasp and hornet,
  • mosquito (the daddy long legs doesn’t bite by the way!),
  • praying mantis,
  • millipede,
  • lacewing,
  • beetle,
  • longhorn beetle,
  • crickets (small and large!),
  • grasshopper,
  • if you’re lucky, you may come across a stick insect,
  • ants of various sizes and colours – a delight for kids to observe!
  • bee,
  • bumblebee,
  • butterflies of every colour (peacock, flame, swallowtail, red admiral, cabbage white and many more) – and of course their caterpillars in season!
  • hummingbird hawk-moth, also part of the butterfly family but often mistaken for a tiny bird. The rapidity of its wings is amazing!
  • dragonfly,
  • ladybird,
  • and of course our favourites for their lulling song at siesta time – cicadas! There are no less than 12 species in the Var and 4 in La Londe alone…This is a non-exhaustive list but we hope it will give you an idea of the birds and animals you may come across while you’re holidaying in Provence… Green camping? Yes, we love it!