Town of La Londe-les-Maures

Whether you’re visiting La Londe-les-Maures in the Var region for the first time or staying at “Camping de La Pascalinette” for the umpteenth time, our village overflows with ideas and treasures you’ll enjoy discovering or re-discovering!


… Unquestionably the most beautiful of the Bay of Hyères and Var region!

Don’t miss Les Salins, Miramar, l’Argentière, L’Estagnol, Tamaris, Le Pellegrin, Cabasson, Brégançon, etc.


Stretching out all around the campsite and throughout the countryside of La Londe-les-Maures, our vineyards produce excellent wines. Please drink moderately!

Château de La Coulerette, Château de La Pascalette, Château Sainte Marguerite, Saint-André de Figuières, Château des Bormettes, Château Maravenne, Château du Galoupet, Domaine Castel des Maures, Domaine du Château Vert, Domaine des Myrtes, Domaine de Tamary, Château du Carrubier, Domaine de la Cheylane, and many more!

Water Sports

Many high-quality clubs offering scuba diving, sailing, sea kayaking, boat hire, sea fishing, snorkelling (Jardin des Mattes), etc.

Walking & Mountain Biking Clubs

The Tourist Office and Var Area Council offer a plethora of specialist-interest itineraries including the Mediterranean Coast, Provencal Plants & Their Uses, Olive Trees & Olive Oil, From Vines to Olives, etc.


Going Out

Markets and fairs, mostly from April to October
Local festivals: comedy festival, Jazz in La Londe, Les Oliviers music festival, beach music festival, etc.

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The town of La Londe-les-Maures
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