Avocado tree

  • Avocado tree
  • Avocado tree
  • Avocado tree
  • Avocado tree


The avocado tree can only thrive in gentle climates. And luckily for us, the campsite enjoys the unique warmth of the French Riviera-Côte d’Azur !
Excellent for health, avocado fruit is consumed fresh and raw and is very high in lipids, vitamins and antioxidants. Although the tree flowers in summer (you will see it in bloom while you’re holidaying at the campsite!), the fruit is harvested in winter.

Avocado was first eaten in Europe in the 17th century, but in Central America it has been a staple food for several thousand years: stones (or pits) have been found in caves in Mexico.

Its name apparently stems from the word ahuacatl, (uto-azteque dialect), as does the word guacamole (ahuacamolli). It is a delicious served in salads, on its own or blended!

You can grow your own avocado tree by placing a pit in a glass, half-immersed in water (stick a toothpick in it so it stands up). Once the roots start to grow, it can be planted in a pot. But don’t expect it to produce any fruit for a very long time!

Where to find it at the campsite
You will find our avocado tree in Allée des Bormettes (nr. 12 on the botanical footpath plan).


Latin name :Persea americana
Family :lauraceae
Genus :Persea
Species :americana
Color :Yellow flowers, green to dark green fruit
Origin :Mexico, Guatemala, Central America
Foliage :perennial
Port :Fruit tree
Height :15 to 20 m in its natural environment
Flowering :summer
Avocado tree