Acacia Karroo

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A master defender of nature

The Acacia karroo or Vachellia karroo, commonly referred to as sweet thorn, common acacia, Karoo thorn, Cape gum or cockspur thorn, is a sweet-smelling acacia variety. Contrary to the many other acacias growing here at our four-star campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette ®, this plant species does not originate from Australia but thrives in the arid and semi-arid regions of South Africa.

Acacia karroo is an evergreen tree that can reach heights of up to 5 metres. Its foliage is made up of small, dark green leaves that offer it a dense and lush appearance. What particularly sets the Acacia karroo apart are the fearsome thorns that cover its branches and trunk, acting as an effective defence mechanism against herbivores – giraffes in particular – and other potential threats.

A very smart defence system

The thorns of the Acacia karroo have complex defensive capabilities. When a herbivore or predator attempts to approach the tree, it releases volatile chemical compounds, including ethylene derivatives, which act as alarm signals to warn neighbouring trees of the imminent danger. This chemical communication between trees can trigger a chain reaction, prompting others to produce defensive chemical compounds too.

The defensive capabilities of the Acacia karroo also help it adapt to the harsh environmental conditions in which it thrives.

In arid regions, where competition for resources is fierce, the thorns also help to reduce water loss through evaporation by reducing the exposed leaf surface area.

The Acacia karroo plays a crucial role in its ecosystem. Its nectar-rich flowers attract many pollinators, while its leaves and branches provide food and shelter for many animal species. And of course, as an eco-friendly campsite, we are committed to choosing trees that work in favour of biodiversity!


Latin name :Acacia Karroo
Family :Mimosaceae
Genus :Acacia
Species :Karroo
Color :Orange-yellow flowers
Origin :South Africa
Foliage :Semi-deciduous
Port :Spreading
Height :6 to 8 m
Flowering :June-August
Acacia Karroo

Did you know?

The silhouette of the Acacia Karroo conjures up the African savannah...