Acorus gramineus 'Evergold'

  • Acorus gramineus 'Evergold'


The flower bed companion par excellence

The Acorus gramineus ‘Evergold’, also known as Japanese sweet flag, Japanese rush, grassy-leaved sweet flag, and grass-leaf sweet flag, is a perennial plant whose remarkable foliage brings a gorgeously bright touch to the flowerbeds of our four-star campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette ®. Like many of the plant varieties featured in our exceptional vegetation in the Var area, French Riviera-Côte d’Azur, the Acorus gramineus is native to Asia. It is characterized by its narrow, erect leaves, which are bright creamy yellow at the edges with a beautifully contrasted dark green centre.

Valued for its versatility and ability to thrive in a variety of conditions, Acorus gramineus ‘Evergold’ is ideal for adding texture and colour to flowerbeds, borders or even pots. Its evergreen foliage provides visual interest throughout the year, so all our holidaymakers (even campers staying with us outside summer) get appreciate its beauty!

Elegant and easy

As far as upkeep goes, Acorus gramineus ‘Evergold’ is an undemanding plant. It prefers moist to slightly moist soils and tolerates both partially shaded and sunny spots well. Regular watering and occasional tidying to remove the dead leaves are enough to keep it healthy.

Acorus gramineus ‘Evergold’ is also an ideal choice for amateur gardeners as it is hardy and resistant to common diseases. Its compact size also makes it a great pick for small gardens, patios or terraces, especially those adorning our mobile homes! 😉


Latin name :Carex oshimensis Evergold
Family :Cyperaceae
Genus :Carex
Species :Oshimensis
Variety :Evergold
Color :Mixed yellow and green
Origin :Asia
Foliage :Evergreen
Port :Perennial grass
Height :30 cm
Flowering :Summer
Acorus gramineus 'Evergold'

Did you know?

The Acorus gramineus 'Evergold' is apparently popular with cats too!