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Basil in Provencal cuisine

An icon of Provencal gastronomy, basil is used, in particular, to make pistou sauce, or sprinkled on tomatoes (to make the famous Caprese salad – tomato and mozzarella with fresh basil). The recipes are endless, although of course they are mainly delicious summer dishes! Basil’s uses also extend to all sorts of other fare, including pizzas, pasta, salads or to add a fragrant note to drinks such as the Basil Martini, tomato juice with basil or peach and basil. So as you’ll have guessed, it’s no secret, here at our four-star campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette®, we looove basil!

This little plant with its very aromatic leaves can be grown in pots outside or planted in soil in a garden. It also fares well when grown indoors.

Rustic and very easy to look after, basil is best eaten fresh but you can also find it in dried form – handy if you want to appreciate its delicious flavour all year round.

It grows quickly and its subtly-scented leaves are the perfect partner to every summer salad.

Also referred to as the “sauce herb”, basil is equally renowned for its many medicinal properties. It is an antioxidant, appetite-enhancer, digestion aid, tonic and antiseptic.

The many varieties of basil

“Sweet basil”, or common basil, with its large, green, fleshy leaves, is one of the most widely-appreciated basil varieties.

“Genovese basil” is the best variety for making our delicious pesto sauce.

“Thai basil” is one of the most astonishing basil varieties: its green and very aromatic leaves are longer than those of common basil and curve upwards.

“Dark Opal basil” also has the same taste as common basil, but features a very-original purple foliage.

As its name implies, “Lemon basil” offers up subtle notes of lemon in addition to its powerful basil flavour.

The lesser-known “Cinnamon basil” has a delicious aroma reminiscent of that of cinnamon and cloves.

You’ll find basil adorning the window ledge of our Reception desk and near the playground. It offers guests a sweet-scented welcome to the campsite!


Latin name :ocimum basilicum
Family :lamiaceae
Genus :ocimum
Species :basilicum
Color :Green – white, pink or purple flowers
Origin :South Africa, Central Africa
Port :Herbaceous
Height :80 cm
Flowering :June to September

Did you know?

The word "basil" actually means "royal herb". Basil was used to perfume the dishes of kings many centuries ago.