Climbing Aloe

  • Climbing Aloe


We’re all familiar with Aloe vera, but there are actually hundreds of different varieties of aloe. Among them, Climbing Aloe is an evergreen plant that can reach up to ten metres in length.

Its leaves are easy to spot: they are very fleshy, curved and have supple, serrated edges.

Climbing Aloe blooms all year round but more intensely in winter, displaying pretty clusters of orange-red flowers. It is perfectly adapted to the Mediterranean climate of our eco-luxury campsite, as it requires very little watering.

Aloe ciliaris is also very resistant to sea spray and drought.

Its rapid growth is an asset for every garden and if you plant one, you’ll find yourself with a beautiful climbing or trailing plant in no time. But beware, the Climbing Aloe is averse to frost. If the thermometer drops below zero in your area, you’ll need to keep it inside your home.


Latin name :Aloe ciliaris
Family :Asphodélacées
Genus :Aloe
Species :Ciliaris
Variety :Asphodéloïdées
Color :Coral red to orange-red
Origin :South Africa, Cape Province
Foliage :Evergreen
Port :Spreading, climbing
Height :0.5 to 1.5 m
Flowering :Winter to early spring
Climbing Aloe

Did you know?

It is a hermaphrodite plant, meaning its flowers contain the organs of both sexes (stamens for the male organs and pistils for the female organs).