Cordyline ‘Burgundy Red Fountain’

  • Cordyline 'Burgundy Red Fountain'


The perfect garden decoration

Cordyline ‘Burgundy Red Fountain’ is a variety of Cordyline australis. A genuine feast for the eyes, this striking plant features narrow, arching leaves in a beautiful deep red. Also originating from New Zealand, this particular variety offers spectacular visual appeal in the Jardins de La Pascalinette ® campsite gardens and is widely found in the parks and landscapes of the Var area, French Riviera-Côte d’Azur.

Cordyline ‘Burgundy Red Fountain’ has an elegant silhouette and deep, vibrant foliage. Its leaves, which can reach up to a metre in length, create a graceful cascading effect – ideal for adding a touch of movement and dynamism to any outdoor space.

Easy and elegant

Versatile and undemanding, this particular variety of Cordyline thrives in fairly varied environments. Although it prefers well-drained, sunny soils, it can grow well in a bit of shade and moisture. Resistant to droughts and colder temperatures, it is a great option for gardeners in a variety of climates.

Cordyline ‘Burgundy Red Fountain’ is ideal for creating bold accents in beds, borders or even pots. Its vibrant foliage offers a striking contrast to the neighbouring plants and brings an exotic touch to every garden. Elegant and daring, our gardeners have selected it to add a touch of sophistication to the exceptional vegetation forming the backdrop to your seaside camping holiday.


Latin name :Cordyline 'Burgundy Red Fountain'
Family :Agavaceae
Genus :Cordyline
Species :Burgundi
Variety :Red Fountain
Color :Purple
Origin :New Zealand
Foliage :Evergreen
Port :Upright
Height :1 m
Flowering :June-August
Cordyline 'Burgundy Red Fountain'

Did you know?

In Australia, it is considered as a weed!