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A touch of exoticism in Provence

A tropical flowering plant also referred to as the “coral tree”, Erythrina arrived in our climes from the subtropical regions of America and Africa. The Erythrina you can admire at our four-star campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette® during your camping break is actually a hybrid of two erythrina varieties.

This gorgeous shrub is bedecked with oval or conical red flowers that bloom in bunches. The flowers of the Erythrina bloom from spring through to autumn, so you will definitely be able to admire them during your camping break in the Var, French Riviera-Côte d’Azur!

Spectacular bunches of flowers

What makes the Erythrina so remarkable are its butterfly-shaped flowers that unfurl in spectacular bunches of red, orange and bright pink. The beautiful blooms attract many pollinators such as humming birds and butterflies and add a joyful splash of colour to every garden. What’s more, the Erythrina is also appreciated for its lush tropical foliage, which offers refreshing shade and a wonderful shelter for local fauna.

In addition to its undeniable aesthetics, the Erythrina also possesses medicinal and cultural properties of major importance in many regions of the world.

Its bark is traditionally used in pharmacy to treat rheumatisms and toothache. Today, its leaves are used as a cataplasm to heal infected wounds.

In some cultures, the plant is used to treat a variety of ills, while in others, it is worshipped for its spiritual and symbolic qualities.


Latin name :erythrina x bidwillii
Family :fabaceae
Genus :erythrina
Color :Pink, red, orange
Origin :America and South Africa
Foliage :Deciduous
Port :Shrub and herbaceous hybrid
Height :Up to 4 m
Flowering :June to October

Did you know?

Although the plant is toxic, it is often used in pharmacy to treat rheumatisms.