Hibiscus Coccineus

  • Hibiscus Coccineus


A stunning red flower in our gardens

Hibiscus coccineus is also known as Scarlet Hibiscus, Scarlet Rosemallow, Texas Star Hibiscus, Brilliant Hibiscus, Wild Red Mallow or Crimson Red Mallow. Whatever your preferred name, this delightful plant adds an undeniable splash of bright colour and vitality to our gardens and is a spectacle unto itself!

Native to North America, like its sister plant Hibiscus moscheutos, this dazzling flower is characterized by its large, scarlet flowers and serrated leaves.

We particularly love it here at our four-star campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette ®, where it brings an exotic note to our exceptional vegetation. Although it requires plenty of water (like all hibiscus varieties), we cherish it and admire its insolent but fleeting beauty.

Simply irresistible

In addition to its gorgeous blooms, Hibiscus coccineus is at the root of various amusing anecdotes that have enchanted gardeners and nature lovers through the ages. One such story tells of an enthusiastic gardener who, after planting a Hibiscus coccineus in his garden, was surprised to see that the plant attracted not only butterflies and hummingbirds, but also curious neighbours keen to admire its beauty. There’s no doubt about it, nobody can resist the Hibiscus coccineus…

Another fun anecdote tells the tale of a group of friends who held a contest to see who could grow the largest and lushest Hibiscus coccineus.

The participants came up with all sorts of ingenious ways to make their plant reach impressive heights, resulting in a friendly and entertaining game that brought all of them even closer to nature. Unfortunately, we don’t know the size of the winning plant though!

We cherish the Hibiscus plants on show at our campsite. You’ll find them on the terraces of our mobile homes and lining the campsite’s pathways.


Latin name :Hibiscus Coccineus
Family :Malvaceae
Genus :Hibiscus
Species :Coccineus
Color :Bright green leaves that turn yellow / Red, scarlet, pinkish red flowers.
Origin :North America
Foliage :Deciduous
Port :Irregular bush
Height :1.75 m
Flowering :July, August, September
Hibiscus Coccineus