Jade Plant

  • Jade Plant


The Jade Plant is a succulent that can be grown as a bonsai. It has lots of branches with fleshy stems adorned with small, oval glossy leaves measuring 2 to 4 cm in length, sometimes edged with red. Its very thick leaves store water, meaning that the plant requires very little watering. The perfect choice for our eco-friendly nature campsite!

When autumn comes around, the Jade Plant blooms into a plethora of tiny white star-shaped flowers if it is over ten years old.

Its lifespan is remarkable and can extend over several generations. Planted out in the open, in optimal conditions, Crassula ovata can reach the size of a human and grow a well-developed trunk.

The Jade Tree fears frost and cannot grow in temperatures below 5°C.


Latin name :Crassula ovata
Family :Crassulacées
Genus :Crassula
Species :Ovata
Color :Green leaves, white flowers
Origin :South Africa
Foliage :Evergreen
Port :Shrub
Height :Up to 3 m
Flowering :Autumn/winter
Jade Plant

Did you know?

The Jade Tree is considered as a depolluting plant, capable of absorbing ammonia and reducing the amount of atmospheric pollutants present in our homes. It is therefore an ideal houseplant.