Panicled hydrangea

  • Panicled hydrangea


Spectacular blooms in our gardens

Also referred to by its Latin name Hydrangea paniculata, Panicled Hydrangea is one of the shining stars of the flowering plant world. Originating from Eastern Asia, this gorgeous hydrangea variety wows with its spectacular blooms and ability to thrive in a variety of conditions.

Hydrangea Paniculata is characterized by its slender, pyramid-shaped inflorescences, which unfurl gracefully throughout summer. Ranging from pure white to delicate pink and deeper shades of red and purple, its flowers offer a striking display that adds an extra dash of brightness to our four-star campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette ® on the Côte d’Azur.

Beautiful and symbolic

In Japanese culture, this plant is often associated with gratitude and appreciation and it is said that people offer Panicled Hydrangeas to their loved ones to express their gratitude to them, thus creating deep bonds and lasting memories… Not unlike those we cultivate with our campers! 😉

In addition to its aesthetic appeal and cultural symbolism, Hydrangea Paniculata is a great asset to the environment. Its abundant blooms attract a variety of pollinating insects, thus contributing to the health and biodiversity of the ecosystems in which it grows. It definitely delights the birds that live at our LPO Bird Protection League Refuge campsite!


Latin name :Hydrangea paniculata
Family :Hydrangeaceae
Genus :Hydrangea paniculata
Species :Paniculata
Color :Green, pink, white or cream flowers
Origin :Eastern Asia
Foliage :Deciduous
Port :Rounded shrub
Height :2 m
Flowering :Summer or autumn
Panicled hydrangea

Did you know?

Its huge flowers can measure up to 15 to 30 cm in length depending on the variety. They change colour in autumn.