Mock privet

  • Phillyrea latifolia (Mock privet)


Or Phillyrea latifolia

Native to the Mediterranean basin, this shrub definitely isn’t lacking in character with its dark green, shiny leaves that are very resistant to drought, heat and sea spray.

So, it is the perfect partner to your favourite seaside campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette ® in La Londe in the Var area!

Incredibly hardy and low-maintenance, growing equally well on dry, rocky or even slightly clayey soil, this shrub thrives in almost any environmental conditions. What’s more, it tolerates droughts well, making it an ideal choice if you’d rather spend time sipping iced tea in the Mediterranean sunshine than endlessly gardening!

Robust and easy to maintain

Phillyrea latifolia, or mock privet, offers a remarkable alternative to boxwood. It is very easy to trim to the desired shape and can be used as a hedge. Similarly to boxwood, this shrub variety is fairly resistant to cold and can live for a very long time. Its moderate growth makes it suitable for different types of gardens. In addition, it is not prone to any particular diseases, making it a safe and reliable choice if you’re seeking to beautify an outdoor space.

You can see why our team of gardeners opted to enhance our exceptional vegetation with this discreet and naturally charming shrub!

Despite its many assets, Phillyrea latifolia often remains a hidden star of the plant world, unknown even to the most experienced gardeners. But when given a chance, this little treasure promises to be a very valuable addition to any outdoor space.


Latin name :Phillyrea latifolia
Family :Oleaceae
Genus :Phillyrea
Species :Latifolia
Color :Dark green leaves
Origin :Mediterranean
Foliage :Evergreen
Port :Tree/shrub
Height :6 m
Flowering :Spring
Phillyrea latifolia (Mock privet)

Did you know?

Gardeners refer to Phillyrea latifolia as the "anti-stress" plant.