Phormium tenax pink stripe

  • Phormium tenax pink stripe


The unrivalled elegance of Phormium, with added stripes

In the world of ornamental plants, the Phormium tenax ‘Pink Stripe’, otherwise known as New Zealand Flax ‘Pink Stripe’, is characterized by its striped elegance and irresistible appeal. Similarly to the other Phormium varieties on show at our four-star campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette ®, it is native to New Zealand, but this particular variety of phormium captivates our campers with its long, slender leaves adorned with mesmerizing pink stripes.

Both aesthetic and hardy, this plant is an ideal choice for gardening enthusiasts seeking character and durability. So it is, of course, a perfect pick for our eco-friendly campsite! Its pretty leaves ribbed with pink add a vibrant touch to every landscape and create a striking contrast with the lush green of the surrounding vegetation. What’s more, this plant is reputed for its hardiness and ability to thrive is a variety of climatic conditions, ranging from impoverished soils to bright sunlight.

A beautiful designer plant

In addition to its visual beauty, Phormium tenax ‘Pink Stripe’ offers an elegant architectural structure that embellishes the garden’s overall design. With its spear-shaped leaves, it creates an impressive and dynamic silhouette that catches the eye and adds definition to every green space. New Zealand Flax ‘Pink Stripe’ can be planted in beds, on borders or in pots to add a sculptural and contemporary dimension to a landscaped garden.

New Zealand Flax ‘Pink Stripe’ is also very easy to grow: it requires little upkeep once established and is resistant to droughts, disease and pests.

Beautiful and hardy, Phormium tenax ‘Pink Stripe’ is a great choice for gardeners seeking a remarkable plant to brighten up and enrich their garden.


Latin name :Phormium tenax
Family :Agavaceae
Genus :Phormium
Species :Tenax
Variety :Pink Stripe®
Color :Greenish-bronze to brown, striped, edged with pink
Origin :New Zealand
Foliage :Evergreen
Port :Perennial – Erect tufts
Height :1.70 m
Flowering :June-July
Phormium tenax pink stripe

Did you know?

It is also part of the large New Zealand Flax family.