Pink Trumpet Vine

  • Pink Trumpet Vine


Pink Trumpet Vine, also called the Queen of Sheba Trumpet or Zimbabwe creeper, is a twining plant, meaning that its stems wrap around posts and frames. It blooms late on in the year, making it a great choice for gardens where flowers are rare after the end of summer.

Its fragrant pink trumpets grow in clusters and attract a myriad of pollinating insects such as bees, keen to stock up on food before the first chilly days of winter.

Pink Trumpet Vine grows quickly and is often used to adorn walls, fences or pergolas. Its foliage is evergreen in its natural environment and in hot climates like that of our seaside campsite. However, the leaves can fall in the event of frost. But don’t worry – in that case the plant will grow back from its stump the following spring.


Latin name :Podranea ricasoliana
Family :Bignoniacées
Genus :Podranea
Species :Ricasoliana
Color :Pink
Origin :South Africa
Foliage :Evergreen
Port :Climbing
Height :3 mètres
Flowering :September-December
Pink Trumpet Vine

Did you know?

Pink Trumpet Vine fruit consist of long capsules containing winged seeds, measuring around 25 centimetres. They are dispersed by the wind before settling in the soil, and can even become invasive!