• Rosemary


More than just a simple herb

With its delicious scent and evergreen leaves, rosemary is much more than just a simple kitchen herb. Native to the Mediterranean basin, this aromatic plant – very commonly-found in Provence and, of course at our four-star campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette ® – is a concentrate of history and symbolism. Appreciated since Antiquity for its medicinal and culinary properties, rosemary has crossed the centuries, leaving its mark on many cultures around the world.

A famous anecdote about rosemary dates back to the times of ancient Greece. Legend tells that Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was born from sea foam and emerged from the water surrounded by rosemary.

Since then, rosemary has been associated with beauty, love and fertility in Greek mythology.

In ancient Rome, rosemary was also revered for its medicinal properties. Roman soldiers wore rosemary wreaths during battle to boost their concentration and courage. Rosemary was often used in wedding ceremonies too, as a symbol of fidelity and memory.

In the Middle Ages, rosemary was considered a magical plant, with the ability to ward off evil spirits and purify the air. It was burnt during religious ceremonies and purification rituals in homes.

In Provence, it is also referred to as the incense plant.

oday, rosemary continues to have pride of place in gardens and kitchens around the world. It is very likely that you will find it in the delicious dishes on offer at the campsite restaurant, where holidaymakers can savour a host of delicious Provencal specialities!

In addition to flavouring a variety of dishes, rosemary is appreciated for its medicinal properties, in particular its ability to improve the digestion and stimulate the memory.

Packed with symbolism and history, this wonderful herb embodies the cultural wealth and ancestral traditions of the Mediterranean. A simple sprig of rosemary transports us through the ages simply by rubbing it between our fingers, reminding us of the long history and importance of this precious herb.


Latin name :Rosmarinus officinalis
Family :Lamiacées
Color :Green
Origin :Mediterranean
Foliage :Evergreen
Height :1,5 m
Flowering :February-March

Did you know?

A little rosemary pouch in your wardrobe wards off moths