Strelitzia nicolai

  • Strelitzia nicolai


Astonishing varieties of Birds of Paradise

The Strelitzia genus is famed for its spectacular flowering plant varieties, including the Strelitzia nicolai and Strelitzia augusta (Alba), both on display at our four-star campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette ® in the Var area, French Riviera-Côte d’Azur. Although they share common traits, these two varieties also have noteworthy differences that make them unique in the world of ornamental plants.

Although the two varieties share some similarities, such as their geographic origin (South Africa) and exotic appeal, they also have some very distinct differences:

  • The Strelitzia nicolai is much larger than the Strelitzia augusta (Alba), with wider leaves and a height of up to 10 metres, whereas the Strelitzia augusta (Alba) usually grows to a maximum height of 1.5 to 2 metres.
  • Although both varieties produce spectacular blooms, the flowers of the Strelitzia nicolai are white with dark blue bracts, while those of the Strelitzia augusta (Alba) are completely white.
  • The Strelitzia nicolai tends to have a more upright, spreading silhouette due to its size, while the Strelitzia augusta (Alba) has a more compact, bushier shape.

Brothers in arms

More invasive than its “twin”, the Strelitzia nicolai also develops false trunks, the ends of which are adorned with leathery leaves set in a fan shape, resembling those of the banana tree. It shares its “wild banana” nickname with the Strelitzia augusta (Alba) variety.

The Strelitzia nicolai flowers from June to September, so our holidaymakers and nature camping lovers will definitely be able to admire it in bloom. After flowering, the plant forms capsules containing seeds surrounded by a stringy envelope, sometimes tinged with reddish shades.


Latin name :Strelitzia nicolai
Family :Strelitziaceae
Genus :Strelitzia
Species :Nicolai
Color :White flower, blue edges, dark blue-grey bract.
Origin :South Africa
Foliage :Evergreen
Port :Perennial
Height :1,50 m
Flowering :June-September
Strelitzia nicolai

Did you know?

The sheath, referred to as the "spathe", contains several flowers that bloom one after the other.