Tree Germander

  • Tree Germander


An elegant and versatile Mediterranean plant

Teucrium fruticans, also known under its common name Tree Germander, is native to the Mediterranean, which is of course also where you’ll find Nos Coins de Paradis ® (Our Corners of Paradise)!

Reputed for its beauty and versatility, its is particularly well-loved at our four-star campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette® for its silvery foliage and purple-blue flowers, which add a touch of colour and elegance to our gardens throughout the year.

This evergreen shrub is appreciated for its hardiness and easy upkeep. It tolerates impoverished, dry soils, wind and salty conditions well, making it an ideal choice for coastal gardens such as found at our seaside campsite, and areas prone to droughts.

Beautiful, useful and eco-friendly

Teucrium fruticans doesn’t just look pretty, it has medicinal and aromatic properties too. The leaves of this plant are traditionally used in herbal medicine for their antiseptic, tonic and diuretic properties. What’s more, their subtle scent makes them a great addition to every herb garden.

The Tree Germander also provides a marvellous habitat for local wildlife. Its flowers attract bees and butterflies, and its dense foliage provides shelter for small animals and birds, making it a perfect choice for our LPO Bird Protection League refuge!


Latin name :Teucrium Fruticans
Family :Lamiacées
Color :Grey-blue
Origin :Mediterranean
Foliage :Evergreen
Port :Shrub
Height :Up to 2 m
Flowering :March to September
Tree Germander

Did you know?

Teucrium is the Latin name of a Trojan prince who is said to have been the first person to discover the medicinal properties of the shrub.