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The vines of Provence, a magnificent love story

Our four-star campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette® is surrounded by vines, offering guests a genuine feast for the eyes. But you’ll also find a few vines growing inside the campsite!

The Massif des Maures is renowned for its AOC wines. Although the majority of vineyards are found in Europe, vines are also grown in Asia, America, Africa and Oceania.

The vine is cultivated for its fruit – the grape – which grows in bunches. The grapes are pressed to extract the must (juice), which is then fermented to make wine.

In Provence, the grape harvest (vendanges) is performed at night, or just before sunrise: the cool night temperatures play an essential role in the elaboration of rosé wines. Harvesting the grapes at night helps control oxidation. Of course, certain vines are also grown for their table grapes and grape juice.

Here, the grapes are generally harvested at the end of summer when they are fully ripened. In autumn, the vine leaves change colour before falling, offering a breathtaking show of different hues!

Grown for thousands of years

The vine is a sort of creeper, whose roots can grow to incredible depths. It is one of the oldest plants cultivated on earth. The vine was introduced into Gaul in around 600 BC. Wine jars dating back 7,000 years were recently discovered in northern Iran.

The extraordinary nutritional value of grapes is now well-known. But it is also said that Christopher Columbus’s crews and Hannibal’s soldiers survived their epic adventures thanks to the high calories of raisins…

Where to find it at the campsite

You’ll find vines growing in the “Jardin de la Pascalettes” (nr. 19 on the botanical footpath plan).


Latin name :Vitis vinifera
Family :vitaceae
Genus :Vitis
Species :vinifera
Origin :Asia Minor
Foliage :Deciduous
Port :Shrub, perennial
Height :Up to 5 m
Flowering :April

Did you know?

In days gone by, the vine was a symbol of wisdom, civilisation and joy.