Bougainvillea at the campsite

  • Bougainvillea espectabilis
  • Bougainvillea espectabilis
  • Bougainvillea espectabilis


An explosion of colour

Bougainvillea spectabilis is a bougainvillea variety originating from South America. It thrives in the sunny, Mediterranean climate of Provence, offering our campsite an explosion of colour and beauty. With its spectacular bracts, ranging in hue from bright pink to deep purple, it enchants every garden, including of course the grounds of our nature campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette ® in La Londe, as well as the picturesque lanes and terraces of our region.

Its abundant blooms, which generally last from spring to autumn, create a genuine feast for the eyes for local inhabitants and holidaymakers come to make the most of the sunshine of the Var area, French Riviera Côte d’Azur and our wonderful Coins de Paradis ® (Corners of Paradise)!

The perfect partner to our eco-friendly commitment

In Provence, Bougainvillea spectabilis thrives on well-drained soils and plenty of sunshine, making it a truly ideal choice for every Mediterranean garden. It climbs up walls, trellises and pergolas, adding an exotic and romantic touch to the local architecture. Thanks to its ability to tolerate heat, it is a generally robust plant that requires little upkeep. It is hence appreciated by amateur and seasoned gardeners alike.

In addition to its captivating beauty, Bougainvillea spectabilis offers a wonderful refuge for local fauna and its nectar-rich flowers attract many birds and butterflies, making it an ideal plant for our nature campsite and proud holder of the LPO (Bird Protection League) refuge label. You will find this iconic Provencal shrub, embodying the vitality, colour and generosity of our region, throughout the campsite’s alleys and Décou’Verte®botanical footpath.


Latin name :Bougainvillea spectabilis
Family :Nyctaginaceae
Genus :Bougainvillea
Color :Rose, fuchsia
Origin :South America, especially Brazil and Peru
Foliage :Deciduous (in temperate zone)
Port :Climbing bush
Height :Up to 5 m
Flowering :Spring to autumn
Bougainvillea espectabilis

Did you know?

Bougainvillea spectabilis is toxic if ingested. It is therefore wise to take precautions if you have to handle it.