Stipa Tenuissima

  • Stipa Tenuissima


Mexican feather grass or Texas needle grass

We’re not kidding when we say our four-star campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette ® is a genuine little paradise on earth!

Stipa Tenuissima, also known as Mexican feather grass or Texas needle grass, is a remarkable ornamental grass appreciated for its lightness and grace. A fitting addition to our exceptional vegetation! Native to North America and southwestern Europe, this perennial plant is characterized by its elegant tufts of fine, greenish blue foliage, which take on a golden hue as they age.

Highly prized for its delicate texture and graceful swaying motion in the breeze, this gorgeous grass brings a genuine note of poetry to the campsite’s alleys. Its slender stems bearing airy, feather-like, gently waving flowers, promise to add a dynamic dimension to every garden. Our gardeners use Stipa Tenuissima in borders and beds alike to add softness and lightness to our Garden of Eden.

Perfect for Mediterranean gardens

Easy to grow and requiring little upkeep, Mexican feather grass prefers well-drained, sunny soils but can tolerate a little bit of shade. It can also withstand drought once it is established, making it an ideal choice for dry gardens such as those found in Provence.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this pretty plant is beneficial to the environment: it attracts pollinating insects and provides welcome shelter for the campsite’s wildlife.

Ornamental, versatile and attractive, this plant is perfect for adding a touch of grace and movement to our gardens. With its delicate texture, easy upkeep and visual appeal, it promises to add a poetic note to your stay at our seaside campsite in the Var, French Riviera-Côte d’Azur.


Latin name :Stipa tenuissima
Family :Poaceae
Genus :Stipa
Species :Tenuissima
Color :Greenish blue to golden according to the season
Origin :North America and southwestern Europe
Foliage :Evergreen
Port :Perennial grass
Height :50 to 60 cm
Flowering :Late spring to autumn
Stipa Tenuissima

Did you know?

Like all grasses, its spikelets are a nuisance to pets!