Carthusian monastery in Provence
Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and spirituality
during your stay at our family campsite
Hiking in Provence
Hiking at Les Aiguilles de Valbelle
A sporty holiday in the Var, French Riviera-Côte d'Azur

A cultural or sporty excursion, a stone's throw from the campsite

If you’re holidaying at our beautiful campsite in the Var area, French Riviera-Côte d’Azur and would like to explore the many facets of Provence, Les Jardins de La Pascalinette ® in Londe-les-Maures highly recommends a visit to the Chartreuse Notre-Dame de Montrieux monastery and Aiguilles de Valbelle, located just a few minutes from our four-star campsite.

Combine relaxation and spirituality

Family walk in the Var

Erected on the foothills of the Sainte-Baume hills, the Chartreuse Notre-Dame de Montrieux monastery is located in Méounes-lès-Montrieux, in the Var area, less than an hour by car from your favourite family campsite

Its chapel, altar, altar steps and tabernacle are all listed monuments.

Carthusian monks first set up home there in 1137, but the building was destroyed several times, then finally abandoned during the French Revolution. Today’s construction dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Monks returned to the site in 1843, but were expelled in 1903. Today, around a dozen Carthusian monks live at the monastery and continue to pursue a life of prayer and work at this sanctuary surrounded by a magnificent national forest, ideal for a relaxing stroll.

The outside of the Carthusian monastery is open to visitors, as well as the little shop selling products produced on site.

If you would like to visit the monastery during your stay at our campsite, take the A57 highway towards Solliès-Toucas, cross the village of Belgentier via the D554 road, then take the D202. You’ll see signposts for the car park situated at the start of the footpath. The monastery is situated just 10 minutes (1 km) further up!

Please note that masses held at the Chapelle Sainte Roseline are open to the public.

Aiguilles de Valbelle

If you’re a sporty holiday fan, or simply fancy discovering the magnificent scenery of Provence, head out to conquer the stunning Aiguilles de Valbelle rock formation! But beware, this 5-hour hike is reserved for very seasoned walkers and is classified as “difficult”.

From the car park, follow the yellow markings up the tarmacked road to the monastery and continue straight ahead on the left-hand path (yellow markings). Head right at the crossroads, then take the right-hand path crossing the GR®9 long-distance trail (red-white markings). Once you arrive at the Aiguilles de Valbelle, continue straight on for around 2 km until you arrive back on the GR long-distance trail (yellow markings), ignoring the various other trails situated on either side.

Please note too that you are kindly requested to respect the tranquillity of the site and monastic community living there. Before your hike, we also highly recommend checking the Var Prefecture website to make sure the forest is open to walkers. As the site is highly subject to forest fires in summer, access is regulated from June 19th to September 20th

The magnificent rocks of the Aiguilles de Valbelle await you after a 15 km hike through gorgeous Provencal countryside. And if the weather is hot, we bet you’ll be looking forward to a refreshing dip at the campsite’s water park when you get back!

  • "Notre-Dame de Montrieux" monastery and "Aiguilles de Valbelle"
    83136 Méounes-lès-Montrieux
  • Latitude : 43.25917
    Longitude : 5.96613