"Ratatouille" recipe

Sun-kissed vegetables and the taste of Provence… Yum! We’re delighted to share this little recipe with you so you can make the most of the delicious, fresh ingredients Provence has to offer during your camping holiday. So remember to fill up your hamper with treasures from the Var’s pretty market stalls!

Traditional Ratatouille Recipe
2 to 3 garlic cloves (to taste)
2 yellow onions
4 ripe tomatoes
2 or 3 small courgettes
2 aubergines
1 yellow or red pepper (for the colour!)
Sprig of thyme
Olive oil
Salt & pepper

You can also add some parsley, bay leaves or olives…

Peel the garlic and onion, remove the seeds from the pepper and dice the vegetables.

Heat a little olive oil and cook the onion until soft. Add the diced vegetables (except the tomatoes), season with garlic and thyme, then cook for 30 minutes before adding the tomatoes. Cook for a further 20 minutes or so. Season with salt and pepper and serve hot with fish and rice or cold as a salad or side dish!