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The victory of light over dark

Today, your favourite four-star campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette ® invites you to discover the mysterious legend of the devil in Évenos, a story anchored in the beautiful gorge of Ollioules and Destel in the Var area, French Riviera-Côte d’Azur.

Évenos, a picturesque little village nestling inside the gorge of Ollioules and Destel in the Var area, around one hour from your favourite seaside campsite, is the site of a captivating and very ancient legend. Shrouded in mystery, the story revolves around the devil himself, whose presence tormented the local inhabitants and left an indelible mark on the rocks of the gorge. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the bewitching legend of the devil in Évenos…

Château d’Évenos and the torment of the villagers

Legend tells that the devil himself set up home inside the Château d’Évenos, from where he ceaselessly tormented the souls of the local inhabitants. A climate of terror took hold of the village and it was in this frightening context that the Bishop Saint Martin emerged as a hero.

In order to free the people of Évenos from the evil grip of their tormentor, Saint Martin came up with the audacious idea of putting the beast to the test. The challenge consisted of reaching the gorge in just three leaps. To everyone’s surprise, Saint Martin achieved the feat easily, but he realized the danger he was in when the devil was just one leap away from victory.

Turning to the heavens, the Bishop begged for divine intervention to prevent the devil from successfully making the third leap. And the heavens responded in the shape of a violent gust of wind that propelled the devil down onto the bed of the river Destel. The fall was so dramatic that it left a deep mark on the rock, forever serving as a reminder of the beast’s defeat.

Hunting for the mark of the beast…

The story of the devil’s fall in Évenos doesn’t end there. The mark left on the rock by the beast, said to measure sixty centimetres in length and twenty in width, has become an object of fascination for local inhabitants and visitors alike. Some claim they have found it, while others continue to hunt, hence eternalizing the mystery that surrounds this legendary relic.

As is often the case with ancient legends, there are a number of different versions of the story of the devil in Évenos. Each one, handed down through the generations, brings its own personal touch to this fascinating saga, allowing the inhabitants of Évenos to perpetuate the legend and uphold it through the centuries.

The legend of the devil in Évenos, a little village located a short hop from Toulon, remains a captivating story, combining mystery, courage and divine intervention. Deeply marked by the legend, the stunning gorge of Ollioules and Destel invites curiosity-seekers to hunt down the mark left by the beast – tangible proof of the victory of faith over the forces of evil -, while sporty holiday fans enjoying a break in our beautiful region will enjoy roaming the hidden and sometimes very-steep trails criss-crossing the gorge. Thanks to this ancient legend, Évenos is now part and parcel of Provence’s rich regional folklore.

  • Myths and legends of the Var area: Évenos
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