The Paul Ricard islands – a must during your holiday in the Var, French Riviera-Côte d'Azur

Discover the islands of Bendor and Les Embiez during your holiday at our seaside campsite in the Var, French Riviera-Côte d’Azur

Bendor Island being closed until 2026*

Photo provided by the Paul Ricard Company

Genuine little corners of paradise, the Paul Ricard islands are located just a few minutes from Six-Fours-Les-Plages and Bandol.

Luxuriant vegetation, wild shores and virtually no cars… these preserved islands are the perfect place for a family stroll.

Our campsite Les Jardins de La Pascalinette® in Hyères highly recommends a visit to these two stunning and very-different jewels of the Mediterranean.

Purchased by Paul Ricard in the Fifties, the two islands offer visitors a tranquil getaway in a haven of greenery. Whether you’re here for a sporty holiday or cultural or family break, the islands have something for every taste.

Ile des Embiez island – wild, natural and sporty!

Promising very few cars and a host of water and outdoor sports, Ile des Embiez island is the perfect spot for a relaxing day out with all the family! Tennis, paddleboarding, kayaking, cycling or sailing: you definitely won’t have time to get bored. You can even enjoy an island tour on a tourist train!

Photos provided by the Paul Ricard Company

Spanning 235 acres of green landscapes, creeks and magnificent, world-renowned sea beds, the flora and fauna of Ile des Embiez is particularly closely-monitored and cherished. The island is also home to no less than 90% of known Mediterranean plant species!

You can visit the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute at Fort Saint-Pierre all year round. The Institute also hosts talks every summer.

By Société Paul Ricard — personal Job, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Ile de Bendor island – an artists’ refuge

We couldn’t talk about Ile des Embiez without introducing you to its little sister, Ile de Bendor. This island is also the property of Paul Ricard and is unfortunately inaccessible at the moment as it is undergoing work until 2026.

After seventy years of activity, the island of Bendor must temporarily close its doors to begin its transformation. Through this project, the Paul Ricard Company is committed to:
RESTORE this endangered jewel and conform it to the environmental requirements of our time,
PRESERVE its unique soul and turn it towards the future,
WELCOME regulars to the island and those who do not yet know it,
RADIATE throughout the world by making Bendor a new standard of Var hospitality.

The island is home to colourful Provencal villas, pretty shops, galleries and studios frequented by top names from the art and showbusiness worlds including Dali, Belmondo and Dutronc… A hub of art, jealously guarded by massive statues set gazing out over the sea, Bendor is a genuine tribute to creativity.

By Eric HOUDAS — Personal Job, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Here too, little coves lined with flat rocks boasting stunning views offer visitors a chance to revel in the last rays of Provence sunshine. You’ll just need a little bit more patience before (re)discovering this fabulous little gem – we can’t wait to go there again!

By Eric HOUDAS — Personal Job, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Please ask Reception for details on how to plan your island escapade.

And meanwhile, you’ll love exploring the Coins de Paradis® (Corners of Paradise) selected by your favourite family campsite!

  • Latitude : 43.07989
    Longitude : 5.78150