From the campsite to the port of La Londe a fun boat trip to Porquerolles
Port of La Londe 5 minutes from the campsite...
Escapade on Porquerolles island
Porquerolles, near campsite Var area
Discover Porquerolles and the Golden Islands off the coast of Hyères
Just a few nautical miles from our campsite
Camping holiday in the Var - Hyères
A holiday adventure on Porquerolles island
4-star campsite facing the Golden Islands
Porquerolles - boat camping on the French Riviera
Argent Beach in Porquerolles ... 23 minutes by boat from the campsite
A day's vacation on an island
Var campsite near Porquerolles
Porquerolles island: a holiday made in heaven
Golden Islands - Hyères - Côte d'Azur

Golden island : Porquerolles

Camping de La Pascalinette® here in Provence … the Island of Porquerolles!

Between two escapades at the campsite’s water park, simply purchase a boat ticket from Reception and head off for a fabulous day out on the Island of Porquerolles in the Var area. The largest of the Golden Islands, Porquerolles is a haven of sport, leisure and sightseeing:

  • Walks and bike rides,
  • Magnificent sandy beaches: Plage Notre Dame, Plage d’Argent, Plage de La Courtade, Plages du Langoustier (white and black), Plage de l’Alycastre, Calanque du Brégançonnet, Plage de Calelongue and Plage de La Galère,
  • Scuba diving and snorkelling to discover ancient wrecks and magnificent Mediterranean fish,
  • The village with its typical Provencal village square and Eglise Sainte Anne,
  • Ancient forts: Sainte Agathe, L’Alycastre, Grand Langoustier,

Whatever your favourite… don’t miss a visit to Porquerolles!

Discover one of the jewels of the Mediterranean just a stone’s throw from Camping de La According to Hyères-born writer Gustave Roux, Prince Olbianus was the proud father of 4 sisters of astonishing beauty (Olbia was the name of the Greek trading post at the origin of the town of Hyères).

One day, as the sisters were bathing off the coast, pirate ships appeared on the horizon. Prince Olbianus, aware of the imminent danger, begged his daughters to return to the shore, but the unlucky girls had swum out too far. Their despairing father knelt down on the beach and prayed the gods to save his treasures. Suddenly, the 4 daughters felt their arms and legs become stiff and paralyzed. Three of the girls were transformed into islands and the fourth, who was nearer the shore, changed into the delicious Presqu’île de Giens (Giens Peninsula) as she held out her imploring arms to her father.
The four princesses lent Porquerolles, Port-Cros, Le Levant and Giens Peninsula their captivating beauty!

Porquerolles is now part of Port-Cros National Park and is therefore a protected natural area.

  • Porquerolles Island
  • Latitude : 43.002854
    Longitude : 6.221869